"I like this program because its purpose is to give the weather and that's what it does, nothing more -- which is a good thing. Don't change." -Jason

"We need more folks programming on this level when it comes to small Windows apps..."
  -John B. Abela, co-founder of phpBB

What is WeatherGopher?

WeatherGopher is a program that:

  • Displays the temperature in the system tray (screen shots below)
  • Displays the weather conditions when you hold the mouse over the temperature
  • Launches the weather forecast site of your choice when you double-click the temperature.

screenshot #1

screenshot #2

WeatherGopher is not:

  • Spyware. WeatherGopher does not log your keystrokes, monitor what sites you surf, etc.
  • Adware. WeatherGopher does not even bother you with advertisements.

Free, and no advertisements? How?

There is no catch. I am just a student tinkering around with software programming in my spare time. I've enjoyed working on this product (most of the time, anyhow) and I'm glad to be able to offer it as a gift to the public. So, my hobby is your gain.


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